Aberdeen Sunoco
4.93/5.00, based on 76 ratings; 55 user reviews

  Elayne, 12/13/2018

We've been using Aberdeen for years. This is the only time I've been disappointed. 1. I brought the car in for tires. The service manager looked at the tires. When I called later,he said he didn't have the tire info. 2. He got the appt date wrong.

  Douglas, 11/23/2018

'98 Mustang state inspection

  Nate, 10/11/2018

Excellent, professional, friendly service. Speedy for oil change and inspection. Good value. I've gone to this station several times over the years, and so have family members. We agree they are great.

  Heather, 09/20/2018

These guys were so very helpful with my car. They were able to easily explain and confirm what was wrong with my car and the break down of costs. There were no surprises and a pleasure to deal with.

  Maya, 09/16/2018

The folks at Aberdeen Sunoco provide top quality service, top quality work and top quality mechanics. We have been going to Aberdeen Sunoco for several years now because of their great service and mechanics. Not only do we get high quality work, but we get honest appraisals of what is needed in terms of work on our cars, it is not uncommon we will ask about doing some extra work and they will honestly tell us "you don't need that" or "here are your options" and then they give us a variety of options including with their related prices. So it is clear they are about giving us good advice for what we need and what will benefit us, not trying to sell us things we don't need - i love love love that we can trust all the great advice we are given, it means so much.

  Barbara, 09/13/2018

Your competent service and polite helpers are much appreciated.

  Ward, 08/23/2018


  Michael, 08/23/2018

Very efficient, quick, and competent service process.

  Robert, 08/16/2018

Aberdeen has been servicing my car for about 10 years.Nothing but good customer service.

  Harry, 08/16/2018

Good advise, Good service

  Kim, 05/24/2018

You scheduled our work promptly. You finished the work in one day. The work was well done and fairly priced. The car was returned in clean condition. We will be back, as our automotive needs dictate.

  Stephen, 05/10/2018

Remembering (on Friday, 4/27) that I needed my car's annual inspection by the end of April, I called my friends at Aberdeen Sunoco in Wayne. Friday was booked already - no surprise - but they could do it Monday (the 30th). I should bring my car in around 8 AM, when the mechanics actually start their work day. I said that was great, but I would need the car by 1 pm on Monday. They said that it was tough to predict the timing of an inspection, because it depended entirely on what they found during the inspection. (Can't argue with that logic, and I appreciated their straight-forward approach in mentioning it at all.) They went on to say, though, that if the inspection didn't uncover any serious problems, they should be able to finish it by 1 pm on Mon. Dropped off car at 8:02 on Mon., right behind another customer whose car needed an inspection. Starting to get a little worried about timing, because almost the entire surface area of the service station was covered with cars needing some kind of attention. The guy who took my info said, before I said it, that they knew I needed the car by 1 pm. (This was not the same guy with whom I spoke on Friday. They obviously have a good working system where workers make notes, which are then available to other service personnel who may deal with the customer later. That impressed me.) Got a call at 10:40 AM saying that the inspection was complete and that my car passed. During call, the service man also alerted me that although my tires had (barely) passed the inspection, the tread on three of them was getting very worn. (Gotta like that kind of concern about the customer - even though the exchange of info also provided an opportunity for Aberdeen to sell me some tires.) Picked up the car a little after 11 AM, after paying the lowest bill for an inspection (and even a bit of periodic maintenance) that I have paid in years. Good folks, good work done and reasonable prices = very nice combo; hence the five stars.

  Jane & Marjorie, 05/10/2018

Your team is the total package! I don't feel like I have been taken to the cleaners when it comes time for the bill. Honesty, integrity and very fair and reasonable pricing will keep me coming back for every family car. Keep up the good work! Jane O'Mara

  Jackie, 05/10/2018

My experience was great! They are efficient, honest and timely. My car was taken back on time and they were so helpful in making sure vehicle inspection was done the same day as the work. They even gave me a quick diagnosis on the car was dropped off in:)

  Bill, 03/29/2018

Great people to work with

  Patrick, 03/01/2018

The best...Customer service is excellent...work is fairly priced at high quality Patrick Gibbons

  John, 02/01/2018

Aberdeen Sunoco has been our go to service station for years. They are affordable and more importantly, honest.

  Robert, 01/18/2018

Always satisfied with the service i receive when having my car worked on there..

  Connie, 01/11/2018

Thank you for continuing to keep my 2002 Jeep Wrangler in tip top condition all these years and hopefully for many more in the future. You have consistently identified and solved problems that have escaped dealership mechanics and repaired them at lowest possible expense.

  Barbara, 12/24/2017